Frequently Asked Questions

Adventure quests are just as the name implies. They are all about the adventure and experience of the quest. They will let you enjoy the outdoors in a whole new way. You will take notice of the sights and sounds of your surroundings like never before, because they are the key to your adventure. They can be played at any time and depending on how quickly you work through the clues, may take anywhere from 1-2 hours.

Treasure Quests are adventure quests with two very big differences: (1) They will begin on a designated date, and (2) the first player to complete the quest wins the treasure. The “treasure” will normally be a cash prize or something else of value as outlined in the description. As you might expect, treasure quests are more challenging. They can also take considerably longer to work through. If another player beats you to the treasure, though, you can still complete your quest.

Our quests can be played on either an Android or IOS based mobile phone. The phone must have an active cellular connection with GPS (location) enabled in order to receive the clues and interact with the game.

Yes, your mobile device must have GPS capabilities enabled to participate in the quests. In addition, it must have an active internet connection with location enabled and you must give permission to access your device's location. For best GPS location accuracy you should have "High Accuracy" on your phone set.

All quests are designed for an individual player. Family or friends can easily tag along, but only the registered player will be able to interact with the quest. If you and a friend would like to compete, you will each have to register because only registered players/participants will be able to interact with the quest and receive the clues.

When it comes to treasure quests, if a player/participant wins the treasure, Cryptic Quests will only award that treasure to the eligible/registered party.

No, once you register for a quest, that quest will be accessible in your “My Account” area under the "Registered Quests" heading.

If you have registered for an Adventure Quest, then the quest will be available to begin immediately, although you don’t have to start it immediately. The quest will remain active and will be displayed in your “My Account” area until it is started and ultimately completed.

If you have registered for a Treasure Quest, the quest will be displayed in your “My Account” area as well. Treasure Quests, however, will start at the same time for all registered participants, and you will not be able to begin until the set date and time of the quest after which you may start. Since the first participant to complete the Treasure Quest wins the prize, it is to your advantage to begin the quest as soon as it has started.

No. Once you start a quest, if you can't play it straight through, you can always come back to it later and finish it. There is no time limit. With treasure quests, however, keep in mind that others are competing against you and that the first to complete the quest wins any applicable prize(s).

No. All of the quests are played by the registered participant independent of any other registered participants. This means that you will not be required to attend a gathering of people unless those people just happen to be enjoying the same location as the quest, such as a public park. The start date for the Treasure Quests is not a time to be at a certain location it is merely the time that the quest will be available to start for registered participants.

No. Once you complete a quest you will no longer be able to access it for game play. It will show in your “My Account” area as a completed quest for personal reference, but you will not be able to open it again or replay it.

If you can roam through a park or walk down the street, a quest should be no problem for you. However, some quests, such as those along a state park nature trail, may involve areas that are not paved and are not handicapped accessible. Likewise, they may involve more difficult terrain. Any quests in such a location will be disclosed in the quest description prior to registration.

You really need daylight and the ability to see well to complete the quest, so it is best to participate during daylight hours. Playing after dark is not recommended. In addition, all participants should use wisdom, be aware of their surroundings, and take their own safety into consideration at all times.

No, quests are designed for you to go to various physical locations within the play area and uses geolocation and clues to guide you. It cannot be played from a stationary location.

That depends on the quest you are choosing. If you are playing a quest in an area that’s an easy walk from you, then, no, you can simply walk there. If that is not the case, you will need to get to the play area somehow, whether it be by car or public transportation. Some quests may take you to different locations within a broader area that is simply too large for the average walker.

In general, all clues will lead you to areas that are outdoors and accessible to the public. They will not take you inside buildings. You will not need to dig, climb trees or poles, nor swim. In the event a quest leads you through an area requiring you to go up or down an outside flight of stairs or hilly terrain, it will be disclosed in the quest description.

The accuracy indicator indicates how accurate your GPS is at any given time during game play. For example, if the Clue Finder shows you are at an accuracy of 12, then your GPS is able to determine your location in that given moment within a 12-meter radius. The lower the number, the better the accuracy, and the better your phone's GPS knows where you are actually standing. The longer the Clue Finder is open, the lower the number will be, because the GPS is working to pinpoint your location. You will rarely see a GPS more accurate than within 3 to 5 meters. The accuracy meter has no relation to your distance to any given clue.

During game play, if you feel like you're in the right area but the Clue Finder is not showing "Clue Found," look at the accuracy and stand still for a minute until you see it start dropping to a lower number. Once it drops to 5 or 6, try taking a couple of steps to either your right, left, forward, or backward and stand still again to give it a moment to adjust.

No, we do not store your credit card information. All transactions are handled by a secure third-party merchant card processor.

No. Cryptic Quests is purely web-based. We do not have a physical presence, because it not necessary.