Cryptic Quests Are Fun & Entertaining Outdoor Mini Adventures!

Our Adventure Quests immerse you in humorous story lines as you partner with story characters to solve mysteries by finding and unlocking clues. Our Discover Quests take you on tours to discover hidden gems and historical points-of-interest within cities or regions. Each family friendly quest is self-guided and takes place in a specific outdoor area. If you enjoy historical tours, geocaching, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, or solving mysteries, you’ll love Cryptic Quests! You can play alone, with a friend, or with the whole family!

* GPS enabled smartphone with active cellular connection required.

Start Questing
No App Download Required!

Mobile Smartphone

You must have a GPS enabled Android or IOS based smartphone. In order to receive the clues or information and interact with the quest, the phone must also have an active cellular connection with location permission enabled.

Choose a Quest

Choose a quest and register for it. You can play your quest immediately or any time after registering, even weeks or months later. Once you've registered, you will always have access to that quest until you've completed it.

Start the Quest

You can begin your quest immediately after registration or at any time by going to your "My Account" area and clicking on the quest you registered for. You can start and stop as needed, there is no time limit.

Adventure Quests

Adventure Quests immerse you in humorous story lines as you partner with story characters to solve mysteries by finding and unlocking clues. Once you've selected your Adventure Quest...

  1. Go to the physical quest play region. Click "Start Quest" to unlock your first clue. Solve the clue, which will direct you to go to another location within the quest region.
  2. Once you're at that clue location, use the virtual in-game "Clue Finder" to search for your next clue. The clue will be located somewhere within that general area. When you find the correct spot, the clue finder will chime and indicate "Clue Found."
  3. Exit the Clue Finder to view the clue that was just unlocked. Some clues may require you to enter a numerical "combination" to fully unlock the clue, so pay very close attention to numbers referenced in the story line, including those that appear in picture clues. It just might be your lock combination! Keep going until you solve the mystery.

Discover Quests

Discover Quests lead you on driving and/or walking tours to discover hidden gems and scenic and historical points-of-interest within cities or regions. Once you've selected your Discover Quest...

  1. Choose a point-of-interest you would like to visit, and play the audio narration. Click the map button below to see the map with that point-of-interest selected.
  2. From within the map, press the blue routing button to view the route. You will be given the distance to the point, as well as the estimated time it will take to drive there. You can click the centering icon at the top to follow your progress along your route.
  3. As you arrive at each designated location, you will see a message letting you know you’ve arrived. For some tour points, more specific location instructions are given within the point description. In most cases, you may want to get out and spend some time at that location before proceeding to another.
Check Out What Other Questers Are Saying...

"I went on my first quest last weekend. I like the combination of searching for clues and competing. I liked the way the app is setup and the instructions are clear. The area we covered was perfect for our first quest. I'm looking forward to the next one..."

Danny M.
Texarkana, AR

"A lot of fun, we had a great time! "

Angelo M.
Texarkana, AR

"We had a great time on our first family quest! Fun clues, well thought out, enjoyable all around! Looking forward to the next quest."

Brad H.
Harrison, AR

"So much fun!! It was a great reason to get off my couch & explore texarkana!"

Jennifer O.
Texarkana, AR

"Great experience!! Some of the clues were easier than others, but some of them took a lot of time to figure out. Overall a great quest and very fun time with friends."

Mark J.
Texarkana, TX

"My first adventure with Cryptic Quest has me hooked. I really liked the website layout and the directions for the quest were simple. Being a competitive person, this was very exciting and enjoyable."

Mark J.
Texarkana, TX

"This is a great way to introduce people to the city in different areas. I had a blast on the quest."

Krissy T.
Elgin, TX

"Had a great time!!! Running around the city and trying to do it faster than others made for a great experience and fun time"

Stephen H.
Texarkana, TX

"Cryptic Quests is brilliant! Get out and pursue a mini adventure! Looking forward to more quests!"

David J.
Texarkana, AR

"Had a great time with my daughter. The clue writer is awesome. "

Paula G.
Texarkana, TX